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A company with a clearly defined purpose and a strong backbone provides structure, support, flexibility and strength. 

The backbone is also a critical part of employee engagement. People 

want to work for an organization that has a purpose that inspires, challenges, encourages and values them.

The Company

People are at the heart of every organisation. They work on impulses they receive from different parts of the organisation and from the outside world. Their pulses can go up and down depending on the market dynamics.

Leaders today need a plan to handle both a higher and a lower volume of work and to shift their cost structure up or down in order to meet the “new normal”.

Market dynamics are similar to external forces that have a direct impact on the people and the organisation. 


Flourishing in a world that is increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous requires a resilient structure that enables businesses to master the given challenge and continuous change.

The People

The Market

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