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HR Trends Overview


The majority of HR practices being used today (if any) are still focused on looking into the rear view mirror even though the last decade has brought an avalanche of changes to the employment markets.

It's only appropriate to look ahead for a glimpse of which HR trends will continue to drive transformation and which new trends will emerge to shape the future of work.

Active Engagement

The future of recruitment involves actively engaging the business leaders in the process of identifying potential employees for the company.

The target of this training is to ensure that business leaders are well equiped to take an active role in the identification stage of a recruitment process. The focus is not only on open vacancies, but also on developing and maintaining a network of potential candidates for the organization.  

Active Engagement

Identifying Potentials

Introduction to the key methods and practices used to identify potential candidates, while assessing if they may be interested in a new career opportunity.

Approaching Potentials

Introduction to the key methods and practices used to approach potential candidates:

"How do I sell my company? How do I encourage potential to apply to an open vacancy? How can I support the candidate during the hiring process?"

Diversity & Inclusion

Vielfalt & Inklusion

Employers use diversity and inclusion initiatives to address compliance obligations and to increase the overall business performance with a more diverse workforce.

Diversity Culture

Supporting businesses identify barriers such as unconscious biases or political preferences that have a direct impact on the culture, mission and value statements.

Supporting businesses implement organisational

structures that reflects the diversity and inclusion strategy incl. the design, roadmaps, training and the overall communication strategy.

Diversity Strategy

Future & Virtual Work

Zukunft der Arbeit

The future is today! The pace of change is often faster than the speed of reaction and organisations struggle to change their course to adapt to the future workplace, new trends and reshaping technologies.

Supporting businesses address issues related to the future work environment focusing on topics such as automation, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Work Environment

Supporting businesses address issues related to the future workforce and the workplace looking on topics such as permanent flexibility, gig workers, re-skilling, but also remote work, gamefications or virtual interactions.

Work Place & Workforce

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