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HR Strategy & Transformation Overview


Every company is unique and todays environment requires a more differentiated and adaptable people Management strategy.

Providing both strategic and operative support to companies, who would like to move from a transactional to a value creation HR Management strategy is the main focus of my work.

Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Managing planned change in a flexible way is the key target of organisational development, also allowing for further change in the future as new information becomes available. It can include the full organisation, a site, or a team and can have a number of business outcomes such as the financial performance or customer satisfaction.


Culture, Mission & Values

Supporting businesses define and implement culture, mission and value statements incl. the design, roadmaps, training and the overall communication strategy.


Leadership Engagement

Supporting business leaders implement and "live" a new culture, mission and value strategy.  Acting as a mentor and/or coach to promote a Change Agent environment.

Workforce Planning

Ensuring the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time is a core business process that aligns changing organisational needs with the HR strategy.

Strategische Personalplanung


Current & Future Status

Supporting businesses gain a better insight into their current workforce (actual resources, knowledge bases and expertise) to gain a better understanding of the future workforce needs (knowledge bases, skillsets and expertise).


Gap Analysis

Supporting organisations identify and highlight current and/or future gaps in relation to the resources, knowledge bases, skillsets and expertise.

Growth, Crisis & Innovation

Even the best strategic plans can be disrupted by factors such as the market demand, customer behaviours, an economic crisis or an unexpected phase of innovation and growth. We support business leaders to implement preventative measures to ensure the business can respond accordingly.


Growth & Innovation 


Creating a unique innovation culture to develop new products, ideas or processes.


Developing standard M&A practices such as due diligences, risk assessments and management audits.



Identifizierung von Krisenmanagement Tools und Praktiken wie Risikobewertungen und Krisenpläne.

Wachstum, Krisen & Innovation
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