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Talent Management Overview


Every employee is unique and todays environment requires a more differentiated and flexible approach to talent management to attract, develop, retain and to get the most out of employees.

Supporting companies move from a "one-fits-all" to a sustainable "cut-to-fit" Talent Management strategy in line with the unique company culture and the individual business needs is the fundament of my work.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Finding the right people and developing a sustainable talent pipeline provides companies with a strong competitive advantage for their current and future business needs.

TA Strategy

Supporting businesses develop and implement cut to fit talent acquisition strategy focusing on the process management, employer branding, digital solutions and talent segmentation.

The Candidate Journey

Supporting businesses develop a sustainable and pleasant candidate journey. Focusing on the full recruitment cycle incl. the attraction, selection, hiring and onboarding practices.


Succession Planning

A succession plan is a lot more than identifying a successor for a senior position if the current incubent is leaving. In the face of skills shortages, succession planning has gained popularity, and is now an integrated part of HR strategies within large and small organisations.

Risik Analysis

Supporting businesses gain a better insight into the existing workforce to identify potential risks, define business critical roles and address succession plan gaps.


Succession Strategy

Supporting businesses implement a sustainable succession planning strategy focusing on the business targets, workforce planning, timelines and addressing risk assessments.

Performance Management


Optimising and maintaining  the employee’s performance in line with the business objectives is the key target of a sustainable performance management strategy. Regularly reviewing the workforce ensures that the business can innovate, strive and grow by providing employees with the relevant training, knowledge and expertise.

Performance Strategie

Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung einer Performance Management Strategie.

Engagement & Retention

Supporting businesses promote an employee engagement environment using tools such as surveys, coaching and mentoring programs.

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